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Extended opening hours


14 July 2017

Extended hours at Clayton and Caulfield campuses only operate during semester.

Clayton campus

Retailer Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
Grafali 7.30am - 7pm 7.30am - 4pm Closed
Guzman Y Gomez 10am - 8pm Closed Closed
Joe's Pizzeria 7am - 9pm 7am - 9pm 7am - 9pm
Ma Long’s Kitchen 9am - 8pm Closed Closed
Noodle Noodle 9am - 7pm 10am - 4pm Closed
Optus 9am - 6pm Closed Closed
PappaRich 10am - 8pm 10am - 4pm Closed       
Roll’d 8am - 8pm 10am - 4pm Closed
Schnitz 10am - 9pm, Thurs - Fri open until 10pm 10am - 9pm 10am - 9pm
Secret Garden Eatery 7am - 8pm Closed Closed
Subway 7.30am - 7.30pm 7.30am - 7.30pm 9am - 4pm
Sumo at Sports 7am - 8pm 8am - 6pm 8am - 6pm
Supernatural 8am - 7pm Closed Closed
Sushi Sushi 9am - 7pm 10am - 4pm Closed
Swift's 8am - 8pm, Fri closing at 7pm 10am - 4pm 10am - 4pm
The Monash Merchant 8am - 10pm 8am - 10pm 8am - 10pm

Caulfield campus

Retailer Monday - Friday Saturday Sunday
Boost Juice 7am - 8pm Closed Closed
Flipboard 7am - 8pm 10am - 4pm Closed
Sumo Salad 9am - 8pm Closed Closed
Zambrero 10am - 8pm Closed Closed