A call for volunteers to teach Ukrainian children displaced by war

Do you have spare time and a teaching background? Help Ukrainian children to experience the gift of learning.

We are looking for volunteers with teaching experience to contribute their time in our Virtual School for Ukrainian students.

  • Various topics can be suitable

  • Commitment of 1 hour +

  • Online delivery

  • No need to speak Ukrainian

Over one hundred of our pre-service teachers have already put up their hand to participate in this initiative. And now we are extending the invitation to all interested Australians who have a background in teaching.

The one-hour sessions will be conducted online for Ukrainian students located in various parts of Europe. These sessions are less about keeping up with the curriculum and more about helping the Ukrainian kids escape from their harsh realities, with an emphasis on teaching them about topics and experiences that are new to them.

“Letting these young people know that we care, that we are here to talk and listen to them is what is important as is the opportunity for them to have some intellectual respite from the horrific situations they find themselves in.”

Associate Professor Mike Phillips

We will provide you with information and resources to support your work with this particular group of students before you teach them.

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