Dianne Summers


Dianne Summers

Graduated from Monash in 1999

Current position
Teaching Fellow & Professional Practice Consultant – Monash University, School of Educational Psychology and Counselling

I began my career in psychology working as a guidance officer (psychologist) for the Victorian Education Department, combining my passions for education and psychology.

I have since worked as a psychologist in all 3 Victorian education sectors and in private practice supporting children, adolescents and families.

My clinical and teaching roles are focused on supporting families, schools and communities to develop environments where children and people are understood and supported to be able to function at their best. I currently work teaching and training provisional and early career psychologists. I also consult with schools to build their capacity to deliver much needed support to their communities

My career highlights now centre around seeing psychologists I have had a part in training make a difference to the lives of children and families they work with and to the school communities they work in. It is a rewarding career and I love watching others grow in their career journeys.

It is a rewarding career that can be energising as much as it is exhausting. I am constantly reminded of the privilege it is to walk alongside families at really difficult times in their lives.

I now work at Monash University where I am able to follow my third passion – training the next generation of educational and developmental psychologists in the Faculty of Education. I also maintain a small private practice to help keep my skills current!

Dianne Summers
“My 'switch off' button has always been outdoors with my horse, at the beach or on the water with my kids. They enable me to focus on what is important and to stop stressing about the 'small stuff'.”