Jesse Diggins


Jesse Diggins

Graduated from Monash in 2018

Current position
Director and Educational and Developmental Psychologist – Strength Psychology

I’m proud to play a role in building awareness of how psychologists can be beneficial in schools.

My highest sense of purpose is to connect people in schools and the community with powerful psychological concepts and undiscovered knowledge so they can instil widespread change in the young people they spend time with.

I also get referrals from parents who love their children fiercely and would do anything for them but are completely unsure what to do.

Empowering those parents and directly helping young people understand their own difficulties is a privilege. It is very meaningful when those parents write to you with sincere thanks so you know you've helped.

The issues psychologists work on aren't going anywhere. In fact, the prevalence and help-seeking is increasing. Many psychologists are so overwhelmed they are turning people away.

During the pandemic, I too hit a point of complete emotional exhaustion and questioned my journey ahead.

However, this time allowed me the space to capture an entrepreneurial spirit I didn't know I had and conjure a new idea: to connect schools overwhelmed with student mental health issues with provisional psychologists in the final stages of their Masters.

Today I'm happy this idea is a reality and that schools and psychology students can work together.

Jesse Diggins
“Most mornings I get up early and take my dogs for a walk while listening to an audiobook. This helps ease the stress of daily tasks I need to get to. I like routine exercise and goals that are meaningful to me, like reading a set number of new books every year.”