Nicole Rinehart


Nicole Rinehart

Started working at Monash in 2021

Current position
Director of Research and Professor in Child and Adolescent Psychology – Faculty of Education at Monash University

As a student at Monash I would walk past the Krongold Centre every day and was always inspired by the great psychological programs and research that took place there. So now to be the Director of Research at Krongold is a real ‘pinch me’ moment.

At Monash you are given the sense that anything is possible and this has stayed with me for my whole career and shaped everything I have done since.

My career has always been inspired by the young people and families I’ve worked with. Currently I’m researching how we can better the lives of children living with disabilities.

In 10 years’ time, when my own children ask me how I addressed the way children with disabilities are supported in our community, I know I will be able to say I worked hard to solve this big problem with big data, and by working in partnership with industry, government and philanthropy.

“I walk every day. As I walk I reflect on how lucky I am to have my dream career and wonderful family and friends. This is how I support my own wellbeing.”