The Krongold Clinic

The Krongold Clinic provides psychology services across the lifespan to children, adolescents, adults and families in the community. This includes children and adolescents with learning and behavioural difficulties; and various clinical conditions, such as autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit disorder, anxiety disorders and sleep difficulties. We also provide assessments to identify potentially gifted and talented students as well as affordable counselling and psychotherapy service to individuals, couples, parents and groups.

At the Clinic we tailor all our services to meet the unique needs, wants, and values of the people for whom we care.

Qualified and experienced professionals deliver our clinical and consultancy services - with help from provisionally registered psychologists who are completing their training in psychology and counselling.

Our staff teach in the following Faculty’s postgraduate programs:

  • educational and developmental psychology
  • counselling psychology
  • counselling
  • inclusive education.

Together, we are an inter-disciplinary team that seeks to deliver the best possible evidence based counselling, educational and developmental psychology and guidance services to our community. Our staff has a wide variety of experience to support activities and services such as assessments and interventions in the areas of:

  • autism
  • educational psychology
  • developmental psychology
  • counselling
  • learning disabilities
  • exceptionality across the lifespan

Higher degree interns (HDIs) on placement in the Clinic as part of the Master of Psychology courses are encouraged to experience a breadth of cases under the supervision of several experienced supervisors. In addition to the excellent supervision provided, HDIs can also seek expert advice from academic staff by attending the Clinic’s bi-monthly case conferences.

As a university-based service, all our practices benefit from being supported by the expertise of our researchers. In turn, the Clinic seeks to support these researchers actively build knowledge to which end clients are asked to allow for de-identified data from their consultations and assessments to be used for research, that is with complete anonymity.