New structure for Australia’s leading Faculty of Education

Australia’s leading Faculty of Education at Monash University is moving from a single unit structure to a school-based structure. Led by Dean, Professor Viv Ellis, the new organisational structure was launched on 1 August, 2021.

As part of this change, three Schools will be established at Monash Education:

  • The School of Educational Psychology and Counselling
  • The School of Curriculum, Teaching and Inclusive Education
  • The School of Education, Culture and Society.

In announcing the change, Professor Elllis said these changes align with the expertise and research strengths of the Faculty and respond to significant global challenges as well as enhancing the visibility and identity of the breadth of the Faculty’s activities..

“Our new structure allows us to grow and showcase our outstanding research and to provide a world-class education for teachers, psychologists and counsellors, supporting the needs of our community and having global impact,” Professor Ellis said.

“It’s all about creating even more effective systems and a supportive, enabling culture to work in partnership, not only within our faculty and university, but with government, philanthropists and industry.”

The heads of school will be:

According to Professor Reupert, the creation of the school will build on the rich history of educational psychology, counselling and early childhood education at Monash Education.

“It will foster collaborative opportunities and allow us to tackle the growing mental health crisis in our community, with a particular focus on early intervention with young people. Now, more than ever, we need to work together to create evidence-based solutions and advocate for change.”

For Professor Ruth Jeanes, the school enables some of the brightest minds in research and practice to address the big issues in teaching and learning, and foster our next generation to be adaptable and creative thinkers.

“Our education system is based on a model developed over a century ago. The world has changed. The way educators and schools respond to the diverse needs of our students sets the stage for what the future of our society will look like.”

Professor Jane Southcott says the School of Education, Culture and Society will have a broad agenda, working together to look at big issues in lifelong education, educational leadership, social justice, and policy.

“As a community we face complex and wicked challenges that need provocative responses from expert educators and researchers to address inequity and educational engagement across the lifespan in inclusive, rich and diverse communities.”

Five new research leaders will also be appointed to support the delivery of Monash Education’s 2020-2025 research agenda and foster research collaboration between schools and across Monash University.

Professor Ellis says at the heart of these changes is a strong commitment to be able to nurture a richly collaborative, inclusive and enabling culture at Monash Education and make it the best place to work in Australia for education, psychology and counselling.

“Our staff are the beating heart of our work and we need to look after them, support their development and build an environment in which they can realise their ambitious personal, professional goals.”