Donations and bequests

If you believe in the power of education to change lives, help us develop and support teachers who will ignite the spark of creativity and curiosity in our children.

We focus our resources to have impact that creates:

  • Highly engaged children who are creative, adaptable and resilient
  • Leaders who foster social mobility, innovation and positive change
  • Societies with ongoing adult education and learning for life mindsets
  • Communities where provision is made for everyone irrespective of
    disadvantage or disability

In its simplest form, our vision is to help develop pioneering and thoughtful teachers who will promote engaged and curious learning for future generations.

You too can support this vision, by way of donations. Here is where we would channel your donations to help create this future:

  • Scholarships and stipends
    Offer scholarships and stipends for PhD and undergraduate students, making it possible for young people to access our teacher education courses.
  • STEM Education
    Prepare teachers who will instill curiosity and passion for STEM subjects in their classrooms. Continue our research into teaching strategies and resources to support teachers in these subjects.
  • Inclusive Education
    Prepare teachers who will support diverse classrooms of today and tomorrow, including children with autism, different cultural backgrounds, or advanced learning capabilities. Conduct further research to discover new ways to make classrooms more  inclusive and engaging for all.
  • Indigenous Education
    Enable more student teachers to have professional teacher experiences in rural and remote communities. Enable students to participate in the bi-annual World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education (WIPCE) attended by 3200 Indigenous representatives from around the globe. Continue our collaborative engagement with Traditional Owner groups to create tangible learning tools, such as authentic Indigenous teaching materials.
  • Leadership in teaching
    Prepare education leaders who foster social mobility, innovation and positive change in their classrooms and communities.

Support us today and support education tomorrow.

Our benefactors

We are indebted to our generous benefactors for their ongoing support in providing Scholarships and Bursaries to our students.

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Who to contact?

If you would like to discuss your intentions with us, please contact:

Planned Giving, Monash University
+61 3 9903 4395