Our Vision

At the School of Curriculum, Teaching and Inclusive Education, we transform teaching practices to ensure everyone has access to quality education.

By partnering with schools and communities, we work alongside learners, teachers and decision makers to solve global and local educational challenges from the ground up.

Our contributions build towards achieving social justice, influencing policy, enriching curriculums and enhancing education practice. And with each connection forged and insight shared, our staff and students turn this vision into reality.

We foster a future where teachers and communities are empowered to deliver inclusive, accessible education. We realise this by:

  • Expanding insights through on-the-ground research: We’re embedded in classrooms and community groups to connect theory with practice. It’s a cyclical process – where we leverage practice learnings to inform our research to foster accessible and quality education for all.
  • We are progressive, nimble and collaborative: Our talented team has both breadth and depth. We work across disciplines, and seek to drive social change where it’s needed. Support, agility, curiosity and collaboration are a part of our organisational DNA.
  • Fostering exceptional education: We work across disciplines, and form deep partnerships with researchers and educators in Australia, and around the world. Together we construct and embed best-practice into curriculums, schools and teaching practices. The broader the insights we explore and share, the bigger our impact.
  • We are driven to create impact: In all our work, we ask: What does our research mean for educators and learners? And how can we disseminate breakthroughs more broadly? How do our efforts help solve the big global challenges of the age?

We are the School of Curriculum, Teaching and Inclusive Education – and we promote practices that inspire, engage and enable social change.