Aleksandra Semjonov

Aleksandra Semjonov

  • Master of Teaching (Secondary Education)

After completing a Master of Teaching degree at Monash University, Aleksandra took on the role of graduate science teacher at Clonard College for years 7-10. Aleksandra says a typical day consists of “experiments, problem solving and dozens of social interactions with students and colleagues – all before lunch time!”

Why did you choose to study at Monash University?

“Monash University was a standout university for me for several reasons: It is well respected, there is a plethora of international placement opportunities to choose from (I went to Beijing during my studies), the tutors and lecturers are great, and there are a range of sports and clubs on offer.”

Highlights of your time at Monash University?

“So many! I made fantastic friendships in tutorial classes and I am still in regular contact with these amazing individuals. We share resources, stories and our experiences from our respective first years as graduate teachers.

“Another highlight was being part of Monash Ultimate - a phenomenal group of humans with whom I had the great fortune of playing ultimate frisbee. This includes playing locally in the Southern University Games and travelling interstate to play in the Australian University Games.“

How have professional placements benefited you both personally and professionally?

“It was through placement that we were able to apply our learning, engage with theoretical teachings and flourish as teachers. An international placement experience is one level up from that - you get to have all the benefits on offer, while being in a different location and totally immersed in a new culture.

“My personal experience was in Beijing, China where I taught at an international school. This experience fostered many skills and teaching expertise which I use everyday at my current school. Teaching to an international audience equips you to teach in Australia's multicultural classrooms. It gives you perspective and appreciation for the opportunities we have here in Australia.”

How has your course prepared you for employment?

“My course has given me a wide variety of experiences, theoretical knowledge and contacts that have directly prepared me for employment. Leaving university, I was highly skilled and confident in my job search. I had plenty of experiences to draw upon in interviews which helped me to secure a position at the school of my choice.”

Words of advice for future students?

“Take on every experience that you can. Find what you are passionate about and throw yourself into it. The more you can do now, the better your chances in the future. The opportunities are there, it is your choice to go and get them.”