Brendan Murray

  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), 2004
  • Masters of Education (Specialising in School Leadership, Policy and Change), 2011

Highlights of your time at Monash University?

"My fondest memories of Monash range from finding a car park, decent coffee finally arriving on campus, to entering the Faculty and always feeling inspired to learn from outstanding lecturers like Ilana Snyder and Jill Brown. Associate Professor Pamela Snow suggested that it would be best if I could 'bite off more than I could chew, then chew like crazy.' That seemed to work the best for me."

Your current role?

"I am currently the Executive Principal of Parkville College - a Victorian Government School established to provide quality education for all young people detained in custody. We operate across two campuses. Since we opened, I have witnessed remarkable transformations among the students. We believe that getting to know students and building a positive, mutually trusting relationship is the best way that they can turn things around and flourish. I enjoy overcoming the daily challenges of assisting staff and students to exceed their own expectations of what they believe to be possible within the school. My two greatest achievements so far would be the establishments of the Pavilion School and Parkville College. The team that I work with can legitimately lay claim to be the first to establish a Victorian Government school that operates seven days per week, 52 weeks per year that caters for every young person detained in custody in Victoria."

Advice for future students?

"My advice is to remember that we should direct our teachings towards the full development of the human personality. Learning to operate among each other as human beings is just as important as learning to read, write and count."