Ian Henderson

  • Graduate Diploma in Education

Your current role?

"I'm currently a senior journalist working for ABC TV News Victoria. I've presented the 7pm news and have helped to frame the nightly bulletin since 1992. I've always enjoyed the variety that comes with reporting the news, and I enjoy the challenge of conveying the day's essential news with clarity, simplicity and impact.

I was in Berlin at the time the Wall came down in 1989 and provided the first TV reports to go to air in Australia. It was great to be covering an important 'good news' story; the sense of liberation and new opportunity for people in the Eastern Bloc was palpable.

Teaching is all about communication so it's not that far removed from what I do now. The challenge of keeping an audience involved is not that different whether you're in front of a classroom or a camera."

Highlights of your time at Monash University?

"My fondest memories of Monash include lunchtime concerts; idle chats in the café; catching up with the latest grooves in the record library; and handing in my Honours thesis (eventually)!"

Advice for future students?

"My advice for current graduates, primarily, is to get into the workforce as quickly as you can. Your first job doesn't have to be ideal but it's important to learn the disciplines that holding down a job requires. Your first job is the first stepping-stone to your perfect job and it's a great adventure. Secondly, be sparing with your use of the word 'No.' Make a habit of accepting challenges as they come along even if they seem a bit intimidating. Getting a reputation for being a doer and for having a positive attitude are the best guarantees of ending up with the job you want."