Khanyisile Mokoena

  • Master of Education degree specialising in Mathematics and Science Education, 2012

Why did you choose to study at Monash University?

"Studying in Australia was a unique opportunity made possible through the availability of an AusAid scholarships to capacitate public officers in Swaziland. Monash is one of the leading universities in Australia and my course of choice was available there. I am a teacher by profession and my studying was to enrich my work performance. Monash has assisted me in a variety of ways. My leadership skills have changed after doing a course in leadership, and I am now more alert when taking decisions being accommodative of others' opinions."

Highlights of your time at Monash University?

"My highlights of my studies were sitting in a round table with my lecturers - the masters of knowledge in their particular field - and have them honestly giving me an ear; the hospitality of social groups that I associated with such as Monash Christian Union, which also has formed a group of International students (FOCUS); and being honoured by Golden Key Honour Society Monash Chapter for my academic achievements. I have fond memories of Monash; it was home away from home. I would like to return to Australia, and Monash University, if I had the opportunity to further my studies."

What aspect of the course has had the biggest impact on your employment?

As a professional teacher of Mathematics and an Educator, I have now been empowered on methodology and current trends in the teaching/learning of Mathematics in the schools and am hence able to assist teachers accordingly. I am also confident in putting my ideas across - knowing that there is no right or wrong answer, rather that it's how you defend your stance. I'm also mindful of being accommodative of alternate ideas that might also result in one's change of stance.

Advice for future students?

The best advice I received while at Monash is to be yourself and present your ideas with confidence and passion - this works wonders to your audience. To recent graduates about to enter the workforce and start out in their careers, I recommend that you be willing to learn from those in the workforce; understand the work environment first before presenting your ideas; and share your ideas with your superiors for them to own the changes as this helps you earn their trust.