Louise Asher

  • Diploma of Education, 1978

Your current role?

"I am currently a minister in the Victorian Government: Minister for Innovation Services & Small Business, Minister for Tourism & Major Events, and Minister for Employment & Trade. I am also the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party. I have been a Minister of Parliament for 21 years and have held a variety of portfolios in Government and Opposition. I have been Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party for 11 years.

My favourite aspect of my role is helping businesses in Victoria grow and employ more people. The highlight of my career has been that it enables me to achieve good outcomes for Victorian businesses and people."

What aspect of the course has best prepared you for employment?

"I studied a Diploma of Education 1978 and a Bachelor of Economics part time between 1980 and 1986. My Economics degree at Monash has helped me understand state finances. However, the skills and approach tertiary level education training provides have been equally important."

Advice for future students?

"The best advice that I received during my studies is to work hard and prepare assiduously. I would advise recent graduates entering the workforce and starting out in their careers to keep all of their options open."