Natasha Thomson

  • BBioMedSc, 2003
  • Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary), 2005
  • MBBS, 2010 (University of Sydney)

Tash’s path has been unorthodox, but she says she would not change it for the

Tash’s path has been unorthodox, but she says she would not change it for the world.

Study at Monash was always on the cards for Tash after an inspiring visit to campus as a high school student. She wanted to study medicine, but didn’t get in straight from school, instead she was offered a place in biomedical science. She accepted and a long relationship with Monash began.

Tash fully embraced campus life. She wore many hats including being a member of the yoga club and biomedical society, working two jobs on campus, and holding down an extra job at the local McDonalds. She lived at Richardson Hall, where she became a Resident Advisor and a Member of the Executive Committee.

After completing her undergraduate degree, Tash’s sights were turned to becoming a health teacher. It was not long into her Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) that Tash realised she was equally passionate about education as she was about health and medicine. But shortly after completing this degree, the tides turned again and Tash was on the move to New South Wales, where she had been accepted to study Graduate Medicine at Sydney University. Tash’s childhood dream did come true – and she is soon to complete her training in Paediatrics at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

Tash says her Education degree helped her to think critically about her medical studies. Having a background in Education has shaped the doctor Tash is today. She uses the skills she learned at Monash in her clinical work too.

I educate patients and parents every single day, it is a huge part of my job.  People thought it was a very strange combination but I think it compliments perfectly.

A career highlight for Tash includes a stint in Beverley Hills where she worked on a public health program that landed her on the set of US drama "ER".

You really never know where life will take you!

While most of her peers are currently interested in clinical research, Tash is focusing on how things are being taught in the clinical setting.

Tash now divides her time between the Children’s Hospital and Monash University, where she tutors in problem-based learning for the Faculty of Medicine and is a volunteer alumni speaker. She is also still studying, now completing her Graduate Diploma in Clinical Education at Melbourne University with an eye to continuing on to her Masters in the near future.

A true lifelong learner, Tash will no doubt make a large contribution to Education in Medicine and we wish her every success.