Sabeeh Qayyum

Sabeeh Qayyum has achieved many things in her life so far. She has a passion for learning and says, “In my opinion, one can never learn enough; you stop learning when you breathe your last in this world. Learning is extremely important because it helps us to improve and become better individuals, personally and professionally.”

Sabeeh completed her Master of Counselling at Monash in 2009. She enjoyed the mix of lectures and classroom discussions which developed her thinking and learning. Sabeeh says she uses her learnings from her Masters every day, even in her personal life. “The skills acquired through this experience has made me a better and more patient listener. In our professional environments, we often do not find people, who actually ‘listen’. I find that I accept and perceive/recognize individual qualities better and hope to practice better leadership and management skills in my professional life.”

Sabeeh is currently the head of careers counselling for Beaconhouse group of schools in Pakistan - the group has around 274,000 full-time students. Sabeeh sees the enormous opportunity that lies ahead for the students and wants to ensure they get the best advice possible as they make important life decisions.

Her advice is simple: become self-aware, find what you do best, follow your passion and you will succeed.