Suzanne Boatto

  • Bachelor of Education (Special Education)

Why did you choose to study at Monash University?

"Raising three kids with disabilities gave me a passion for special needs children and a realisation that there are many teachers within our school system that do not understand special education. After talking with friends, they encouraged me to return to university to follow my passion of making a difference in the lives of children, especially those with additional needs in our schools. Monash has one of the best reputations and its campus locations were perfect."

Highlights of your time at Monash University?

"Classes are hands on and have taught me not only about teaching, but also to understand the way I learn better and myself. The mathematics unit in the first year was probably the most valuable. For so long I have known how to do mathematics, but never known why it works the way it does. The research into how people learn and teach mathematics was fascinating."

If your course included/s professional placements, how has this benefited you both personally and professionally?

"In first year, I did my fieldwork with an amazing early literacy coordinator from whom I learned much – I will never forget her wealth of knowledge, love of her job, and mentorship. This was a great way to ease into the course and learn outside the classroom."

What aspect of the course has best prepared you for employment?

"I have found benefit in every aspect of the course. I have realised that even at a late stage I can still make a difference and change directions in my life. I feel very confident about my ability to obtain employment after I graduate as Monash is so highly regarded.

Advice for future students?

"I would advise new students to see their lecturers early. Don't be afraid to ask for an appointment to get help – they are amazing. The earlier you get help the easier you will find university life. Also go to MUBS and see what is happening – there is so many activities and support options."