Thomas Heeren

  • Master of Teaching (Primary)

Why did you choose to study at Monash University?

“During my previous jobs in many fields, including medical science, tender publications, scientific editing and publishing, I would often be called upon to teach and train other members of staff. I enjoyed this aspect of my work and so decided to investigate a teaching career.”

Highlights of your time at Monash University?

“If teaching is for you, then you will definitely enjoy this course. One of the many highlights for me is the interaction and genuine interest that the lecturers have in you – they’re very approachable if you have queries. A major highlight has been the professional experience opportunity in two schools - Cicognini and San Niccolò schools – in Prato, Italy. It was greatly satisfying to discover that I could teach children in a different country and have a beneficial impact on their education. Professional experience has been an interesting part of the course overall. Before you know it you are off to a school for several weeks and become a teacher - this can be quite daunting!”

Advice for future students?

“The best advice I can give is to jump right in and be a valuable member of the classroom and school teaching team. You need to make the best of every opportunity that you are given. There is always something to learn, observe and participate in. Having a positive attitude at all times also helps. I find a full day of teaching leaves me with a certain buzz that makes me wonder where the day went!”