Giving to the Faculty of Education

With your support we can nurture the talent we see around us and have a greater impact on the world.

Philanthropy helps us to:

  • create excellence through teaching and research
  • award scholarships and bursaries to students of exceptional talent
  • nurture our students to become the very best educators in our communities.

We are currently looking for the following support

Developing leaders in education - PhD and scholarships fund

We aim to develop undergraduate and postgraduate students who will use their knowledge and skills to be leaders in their communities.

Scholarships and bursaries are an important way to ensure that the best and brightest students are able to achieve their full potential despite their personal circumstances.

With your philanthropic support we will be able to:

  • offer scholarships to the most promising undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • fund the best possible placements for our student teachers; locations nationally and internationally that will enrich and challenge their learning
  • pursue our commitment to Indigenous Australia through our course content, staff and student Indigenous resources. We also need funds to help students undertake their placements in rural and remote Indigenous communities.

Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) teaching

We have a vision to transform science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) learning and teaching in schools. We will do this through professional development that equips teachers with the tools to inspire a new generation of learners. That work will be developed through an Institute for STEM Education.

With your philanthropic support we will:

  • offer teachers professional development programs in STEM that help push the boundaries of their teaching and enhance the learning of their students
  • provide teachers with the appropriate knowledge, commitment and educational strategies to make a difference to their students' learning
  • develop graduates who are proud of their learning and keen to make a difference in their schools
  • increase the number of students choosing to study STEM at a tertiary level
  • develop a strong research base from which knowledge of STEM practice can be enhanced

With your help we can have an impact on the education of young people.

Special and inclusive education

We are working hard to develop teaching, research and professional learning that respects and responds to human differences in ways that include rather than exclude learners. We are focused on theory, research and practice in the fields of special and inclusive education and we work towards increasing the capacity of educators to work confidently with learners

  • with special needs
  • language and learning challenges
  • challenging behaviours.

Ongoing research is required to understand how best to assist educators in this essential area of education. With your help we can continue to be a leader in this specialist field.

Indigenous Education Student Fund