Depth units

Master of Teaching (Secondary) and Master of Teaching (Primary) students are required to complete two 12-credit point Depth Units. 

Depth Units are offered in three streams, explained below. Students must choose one of these streams. Students wishing to take one Depth A unit and one Depth B unit are also permitted to do so.

Stream A - Advanced Professional Learning

The Advanced Professional Learning stream is designed to provide students with the opportunity to choose two units of personal professional interest from a range of Master of Education coursework units. These units are offered as Flexible units which means you may take them on campus or online. To select your two units, please refer to the list of Postgraduate units flagged 'A' under the Depth Units column.

Stream B - Professional Inquiry

The Professional Inquiry stream is designed to provide students with the opportunity to conduct an investigation/exploration related to educational practice. The inquiry could be in response to a school's request for further information about its practices or it could be a study of the pre-service teacher's own practices. These units are offered as 'Flexible' units which means you may take them on campus or online. Students undertaking Stream B will enrol in two of the following:

It is possible to select one unit from Stream B and combine with a unit of choice from Stream A.

Stream C - Research Pathway

The Research Pathway stream is for students who are keen to develop their understanding of research and their experience in undertaking a research project that will lead them to doctoral (PhD) studies. The two Stream C units are:

  • EDF5613 Research approaches in education - it expands understanding and appreciation of educational research perspectives, methods and research ethics. 
  • EDF5614 Research project in education - it constitutes an academic research project around a topic of interest to the student. It draws on learning from the first unit and through supervision, guides the student to carry out a small scale and rigorous piece of research that demonstrates capacity for doctoral study. This stream requires the completion of a 10,000-12,000 word thesis. 

A distinction average in all graded Master of Teaching units is required to enrol in Stream C and, on obtaining a distinction average for the two Stream C units, students may articulate to a PhD.

Select these units only if you expect to meet these requirements. Once results are released, our staff will check to ensure that you qualify for this pathway and you will only be allowed to continue if eligible. It is worthwhile having two other Depth units in mind if you need to change your selection at that point.

Please note that the Research Pathway units are not offered in conventional semesters. They are not available online and the attendance for EDF5613 is in intensive blocks. This means you will be required to attend on two Fridays and Saturdays and an additional Saturday in the designated term. If you select to take this unit in the first half of the year, EDF5613 will begin at the end of January of that year.  If you select to take this unit in the second half of the year, EDF5613 will begin in July of that year.