Professional Experience Reports & Results

Professional Experience Reports

Obtaining a copy

At the end of your placement you should discuss your Professional Experience Report with your Mentor Teacher.  It is important that the report is signed by both of you. The teacher should then give you a copy of the report.  The school will also send a copy to the Professional Experience Office (PEO).

We recommend you keep a copy of the report for future reference.

Uploading to Moodle

Upload your Professional Experience Report to your placement unit Moodle site, or as instructed by your Professional Experience Tutor (PET).

Obtaining copies of past Professional Experience reports

To obtain a copy of a past report, you will need to complete a Request for Copy of School Placement Report form and submit to the Professional Experience office through

Please note, for privacy reasons you are only able to obtain copies of reports from within the last 2 years.


Please see the table below for details of what each grade means and action that you can take.

PGOPass grade OnlyFor placement units a competency grading scheme is used where you are awarded a Pass or Fail grade for the unit, with no numerical mark. This will appear on your academic transcript. In order to progress through your degree, you must achieve PGO grades in your professional experience units.

An NGO (Fail) on one or more of your placement units will prevent you from completing your degree.  These units must be passed.

You will need to get in contact with your Professional Experience Advisor to discuss the next steps. If you have failed a placement you are required to enrol in the unit at the next offering to you so that you can be eligible to complete another placement

WH (Withheld) or blank 

This usually means that the Chief Examiner of the unit is yet to receive your final Professional Experience Report from the school/agency where you completed your placement. It can also be a result of you not completing the total number of days that your placement requires.

You will need to contact your Professional Experience Advisor for more information when this occurs.

If you have any concerns about your results and you need advice, submit an enquiry to