Change: The relationship of education to uncertainty

Centre for Youth Policy and Education Practice

Change: The relationship of education to uncertainty

CYPEP Director Professor Lucas Walsh joined the Change One Thing podcast to discuss the role of education in preparing students for a lifetime of uncertainty.

In this podcast, Lucas challenges the notion that education should be about perpetually adapting to socially constructed uncertainty such as workforce challenges and changes. There is a core moral purpose of education that involves preparing people to be actively engaged in creating the world we want to live in.

We can accept that there will be ordinary uncertainty in our everyday lives and that there will be extraordinary things will happen (pandemics, bushfires) but we don’t have to accept that uncertainty will be pervasive and that we can’t change the conditions of our lives.

“Where young people are encouraged to embrace uncertainty, I would want them to be able to embrace and have the knowledge, the skills and the resources to become active agents of change in shaping their worlds.”

View the full episode published on 30 March 2021.