Implementation in schools

The GRIN Intervention Program aims to address the difficulty that students experience when learning mathematics. The program targets students in primary and secondary schools. GRIN is implemented to schools in the following stages.


Professional learning commences

  • All GRIN teachers and tutors attend one day of professional learning.
  • GRIN manuals and templates provided to assist with delivery and data analysis.

Implementation of GRIN

  • Students are selected for participation in GRIN.
  • GRIN tutor sessions are timetabled.
  • GRIN tutor sessions begin.

Professional learning continues

  • GRIN teachers and tutors will attend two (two and a half hour) professional learning support sessions.

GRIN licensed school

  • School becomes a Licensed GRIN School, once professional learning is completed.
  • Certificates issued to Accredited GRIN staff.

The GRIN program includes

  • Professional learning and support for the teachers and tutors together.
  • A manual that outlines the principles of the program.
  • Certificates for GRIN students exiting the program.