Frequently Asked Questions

Schools are given practical support to implement GRIN through the ongoing professional learning for staff. Some questions that schools have in advance include:

Who delivers GRIN?

GRIN is delivered in both primary and secondary schools, by school staff, trained by Monash University, in the GRIN model of intervention. Teachers of mathematics and staff that have been identified to take on the role of GRIN tutor will be involved in professional learning required to deliver GRIN in schools.

The GRIN tutor can be a teacher, numeracy coach, leading teacher or member of education support staff. The teachers and tutors must work closely together to implement GRIN. See our suggested selection criteria for tutors.

When do we (as a school) schedule the GRIN sessions?

In most cases students attend multiple GRIN sessions in any one week. The timing and number of GRIN session that a student attends varies depending on individual student needs and /or timetabling constraints. For example: GRIN sessions might be conducted before or after school or in recess and lunch breaks. In another situation, students might be withdrawn from other (non mathematics) lessons to participate in GRIN sessions. This is a school based decision.

GRIN sessions are 15 - 25 minutes long and are ideally delivered 2-3 times a week.

What is the commitment to the program?

It is important that school Principals support and promote the implementation of GRIN and allocate appropriate time release for teachers and tutors to attend professional learning sessions relevant to their roles within the GRIN model.

Principals must also allocate time for staff to plan for, and to deliver the GRIN tutorial sessions.

GRIN is a licensed program. Staff members, who deliver GRIN in schools, must have completed the professional learning, for the school to become an accredited GRIN school.

Once accredited the school will be given a license to operate GRIN.

Our school is already a GRIN licensed school. How do we train more staff to teach GRIN?

If your staff that attended the GRIN training with us are still teaching GRIN at the school then there is no need to re-train.

However if you have new staff that would like to teach GRIN at your school and they have not done GRIN training, you can send them to one of our GRIN courses. The fee would be per person as you are an existing GRIN school. The current fees to train additional staff can be found under Registration.