Monash University’s Quality assurance

The Monash School Review team is committed to providing high quality service to our clients and to assist them with strengthening their vision, to collaboratively reach their goals and plan for the future. For this reason we are committed to continued professional learning and development. The Monash Review team regularly attends briefings, conferences, and other forums in order to continue to build and improve upon their review strengths.

The Monash School Review team has established strong networks and relationships with schools and regions throughout Victoria, with Monash reviewers regularly asked to present at conferences and professional learning activities in regions and schools. These networks and relationships together with the professional learning undertaken by the team enables the team to stay abreast with recent developments in the Education Sector. We also have extensive networks with rural and remote schools; small schools and specialists schools.

The Project Director, Ms Anita Forsyth has oversight of all aspects of the project, and in consultation with the project manager is responsible for ensuring that the operations, schedules, reports and deliverables of the project are implemented within budget and on time. The Director coordinates the communication strategy between the Department of Education and Training, schools and the Monash school review team.