"Monash has a strong team who are commited to the school review process. Their reports reflect a contemporary understanding of effective pedagogical practice as evidenced by their recommendations for key improvement strategies and the concrete, specific actions provided to support school improvement."

"Monash has ensured that quality assurance of the school review reports and all other interactions with schools, regions and the central DEECD office is of a consistently high standard. Very positive feedback has been received from all stakeholders."

-- Department of Education and Early Childhood (DEECD)

"[The reviewer] was able to be both a critical friend and an advocate of the strengths of our school. She was very positive in her demeanour and willing to make suggestions with regard to how we could look to improvements in the future.  I was impressed with how well she was able to move smoothly between both roles."

-- Principal

"Her data analysis skills were terrific.  Her communication and interpersonal skills were excellent.  Her ability to 'unpack' issues around the data was very strong."

-- Principal

"The reviewer was very well organised and took immense trouble to give all parties a chance to have their views heard. Her ability to summarise points in a succinct manner made it very clear to understand. No aspect was overlooked and her ability to keep the discussion going and questioning techniques were very good."

-- School Staff

"The reviewer spent considerable time with the RNL in order to develop a Network context.  She used some of our Network documents as part of the review.  She went out of her way to gather evidence from all stakeholders in the community and had a  supportive and challenging approach to the review."

-- Regional Network Leader

“An active listener.  Extremely objective and very realistic.  Developed and displayed an understanding of the school community...”

-- Principal

"Great listener and worked very hard to establish rapport with our staff and our students.  Structured the day to suit the school needs.  Goals suggested reflect our discussion."

-- Principal

"He was very easy to talk to. He was clear in his assessment of where the school is at right now. He was fantastic with school council. When he spoke to the staff he was honest in his appraisal and recognised our strengths as well as our weaknesses. He was able to gain a 'big picture' perception of our school, staff and community."

-- Leading teacher

"His manner was non threatening. He was prepared to listen to individuals on a one to one basis and asked the clarifying questions to find out exactly what was happening at the school."

-- Panel member

"Very good at pinpointing issues and weaknesses quickly and accurately. Very decisive and excellent decision maker."

-- Numeracy Coordinator

"[The reviewer] was very personable with a clear understand of and empathy for small schools and the issues which are unique to them. She was equally able to reflect upon are successes as she was the areas of concern."

-- Panel member

"With a teaching background, he was effective in leading both staff and students in discussion groups. He is obviously experienced in such reviews and balanced the need to maintain momentum during the day with interest in each person's comments and viewpoints."

-- Parent