Education Futures

Research that makes a difference to the life of every learner.

Education Futures was established by the Faculty of Education in 2018.  It operated as a think tank on education policy and practice – a platform where educators, policy makers, business and community leaders and researchers could come together to imagine the future of education through research, debate, collaboration and innovation.

The core of Education Futures was a team of eminent education researchers with a focus on applied, translational research and driven by a belief that academic expertise can most effectively inform policy when it remains accessible to the broader public.

Over the three years of its operation, Education Futures produced a number of substantial research reports, consulting reports, research briefs, articles and editorials, and hosted live and on-line events.  Our Education Futures Final Report 2018 – 2020 details all these activities and achievements over the past three years. The Final Report, along with our various published research reports, can be downloaded via the links below.

Key Education Futures Publications

Education Futures Final Report 2018 – 2020

Spotlight Report 1: Responsible Innovation - Designing Schools for Tomorrow's Learners
Joanne Deppeler and Kathleen Aikens
March 2020

Spotlight Report 1: In Brief

Spotlight Report 2: Implementing an Integrated STEM Education in Schools - Five Key Questions Answered
Deborah Corrigan
August 2020

Spotlight Report 2: In Brief

SHEILA: Supporting Higher Education to Integrate Learning Analytics
Dragan Gašević
November 2018

ReLATE School-based Trauma-informed Initiative: Pilot Evaluation
Joanna Deppeler and Julie Avery
October 2020

Barriers to Participation in Engineering and the Value of Interventions to Improve Diversity
Deborah Corrigan and Kathleen Aikens
January 2020

Digital Lessons? Public Opinions On the use of Digital Technologies in Australian Schools
Neil Selwyn
January 2019

Rapid Response Report: After COVID-19: The Longer-Term Impacts of the Coronavirus Crisis on Education
Neil Selwyn, with contributions from Ruth Jeanes, Beatriz Gallo Cordoba, Lucas Walsh, Bertalan Magyar, Deborah Corrigan, Kathleen Aikens, Mark Rickinson and others
March 2020

DataBite#1: Are We Ready to Embrace Virtual Schools?
Bertalan Magyar, Beatriz Gallo Cordoba and Neil Selwyn
April 2020

DataBite#2: The Shift to Off-campus, Online Study
Beatriz Gallo Cordoba and Neil Selwyn
May 2020