Quality use of research evidence in schools after COVID-19

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This is a past event.
Quality use of research evidence in schools after COVID-19
6:00pm – 7:30pm (Melbourne time zone)
Online live stream only


How can we use research evidence more effectively in Australian schools during and after COVID-19?

There are growing expectations that teachers and school leaders will use research and evidence to underpin and inform their improvement efforts. Now more than ever, educators are having to navigate a complex range of decisions and evidence at this time of change and challenge for all aspects of education.

Based on the work of the Monash Q Project and focusing on the use of research evidence in schools, this seminar will explore the questions: What does it mean to use research evidence well as an educator or a leader? How can we move from a focus on the quality of the evidence to a focus on the quality of the use?

Join facilitator Professor Lucas Walsh (Senior Deputy Dean of Monash Education and co-chief investigator on the Monash Q Project), for this lively discussion which will feature:

  • Monash Q Project Director, Associate Professor Mark Rickinson, introducing a new framework to define quality use of research evidence;
  • a panel of education leaders sharing responses to the framework and thoughts on its future implications.
The esteemed panel will address some of the following key questions:
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has brought into focus how we access, use and misuse evidence to guide our responses to the spread of the coronavirus. Andrew Pattison from the World Health Organisation says false information was "spreading faster than the virus". How can educators navigate the range of evidence available to them in practice?
  • What needs to be in place for good evidence use?
  • What are some of the barriers and challenges to using evidence well?
  • Why is quality evidence use important to school teaching and learning?
  • How can teachers engage with the QURE Framework in their own teaching and learning practices?
  • How are teachers' engagement with the research evidence shaped by their skill sets, mind-sets and relationships, and how does this align with system-level influences? What are the challenges and possibilities?
This event is not available for in person attendance, however you are able to register to watch it online via live streaming.


Nigel Holloway
Principal, Hamlyn Banks Primary School
Shani Prendergast
Senior Research Analyst, Catholic Education Melbourne
Dr Jenny Donovan
Inaugural Director, National Evidence Institute

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Questions from audience
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