Brain-based Teaching Strategies - Re-invigorating your Classes

As a primary or secondary teacher, this course will engage you with research-based and classroom-proven strategies to see how, irrespective of disciplines, brain-based teaching and learning can be used to motivate, engage and deepen learning, to boost classroom success.

The course is practical and will offer you a repertoire of classroom-based strategies to use immediately with content, activities or syllabi that you are currently working with.

Topics covered

  • What is brain-based learning? How are brain-based  strategies used in classrooms?
  • What is Whole Brain Teaching (WBT)?
  • Role-modelling so you can see, hear and feel HOW the  strategies are used in your classrooms
  • Learning and engaging with the 12 brain-based principles
  • Gaining practical tools of engagement for more active  classrooms
  • Discovering (and remembering) the secrets to accurate memory  and recall
  • Getting the inside secrets of how to influence your student's  brain chemistry
  • Brain-friendly tools and strategies for literacy instruction  across all   disciplines


$275 (incl. GST)

Course length

One day class of six hours.

Dates and venue for 2017

For 2017 dates please contact the Professional Development Office:

Juliette Coloca
+61 3 9905 2700

Karla Wells-Duerr
+61 3 9905 2911

Application form

To register for this course, please download and  complete:

Application form (pdf) or Application form (docx).


There are no formal prerequisites for this  course.


Class participation, the presenter will identify a  variety of practical tasks during the course.


You will gain a Certificate of Completion.