Terms and conditions

Fees and payment options

You can find details on course fees and application forms on each course page.

You need to provide payment with your application form at the time of enrolment to secure your place in the course.

You can pay by

  • credit card
  • bank cheque
  • money order
  • purchase order

Evidence of concession eligibility

Sufficient evidence of concession eligibility must be provided at the time of applying in the form of a copy of a health care card or pension card. If evidence of concession is not provided at the time of applying you will be contacted and required to pay the full course fee.


We will refund all of your fees should we

  • cancel a course - for any reason, including insufficient enrolments
  • postpone the course by more than four weeks.

You can apply in writing to withdraw, though you must do so at least five working days prior to the course’s commencement date.  If you withdraw less than five working days prior to the course commencement, the majority of your course fees will be refunded.

You can also apply in writing to transfer your course, though you must do so at least five working days prior to the course’s commencement date - otherwise we charge a $110 administration fee.

We cannot refund fees once your course has commenced.


A minimum attendance of 80% is required for all courses.  For the Certificate of Education Support course, Day 1 is compulsory unless a medical certificate is supplied.

Deferred completion of course

In special circumstances, approved on a case-by-case basis with appropriate evidence, students can be granted 12 months from the course start date to defer the completion of the course.