the learning space

Flexible spaces

We offer:

  • open, light-filled study areas
  • private study nooks
  • a kitchen and lounge so you can kick back and relax.


  • Our seminar rooms split up into smaller classes or double-up as a massive lecture space.
  • Digital displays like LCDs, data projectors, and SMARTBoards let you
    • simultaneously run separate group work sessions
    • Skype (video chat) with other researchers and students on the big screen.
  • High-speed wi-fi  allows you to connect your device, tablet or PC easily from anywhere in the room.
  • Mobile SMART Boards means you can practice anywhere - even if the seminar room is booked.
  • Flexible furniture lets you rearrange seating to see how this affects your communication style. You can roll desks around or sit in clusters on footrests.
  • Wired tables with power and network so you can power up, plug in to the web or attach yourself to a big screen.

Virtual learning tools

Whether you want to be a corporate leader, trainer or educator you need to understand how to make new technology work for you.

SMART notebooks

Let you spice up your lessons or presentations with interactive games, quizzes and other features. You can also take our software home.

SMART boards

You can use as a digital whiteboard, monitor or giant touch screen.

Virtual learning games

Make learning fun and interactive. Like ‘Frog Guts’, which allows students to virtually dissect a frog - and put it back together again.

Equipment to enhance your research

Technology is fast becoming essential in research. You can borrow our equipment to record interviews, analyse your performance, or perform any kind of work:

  • Professional audio/video equipment.
  • Powerful i7 MACS that boot as a Mac or PC.
  • Tablets and MacBook Pros.
  • The Adobe CS Master Collection.

Support services

We offer a range of support services to help you:

  • Printing/publishing, including laminating or soft binding for your thesis.
  • Audio visual services, such as format conversion, camera loans, video conferencing video conferencing.
  • Dedicated learning skills advisers who offer help with formatting, your thesis help and more.
  • Research degree seminars.
  • Study groups.
  • theses collection.

Sports and outdoor recreation at Peninsula

At Peninsula, we have equipment you can borrow:

  • sport-specific - including canoes and kayaks
  • DVDs
  • books.

If you’re planning an outdoor adventure, you can use our equipment to download maps, film the event, and edit your footage when you get back.