About us

Krongold Clinic

About us

The Krongold Clinic is a university-based clinic that provides affordable psychological and counselling services to individuals of all ages, families, groups, and community organisations. It is also a training clinic for students in the Master of Psychology programs in the Faculty of Education.

Our services are delivered by qualified and experienced professionals, and by our Higher Degree Interns (provisionally-registered psychologists who are completing their training in psychology and counselling).

We tailor all our services to meet the unique needs, wants, and values of the people for whom we care.

Our staff

We are an inter-disciplinary team with expertise and experience in the areas of:

  • autism,
  • educational psychology,
  • developmental psychology,
  • counselling,
  • learning disabilities,
  • exceptionality across the lifespan.

Our staff teach the following postgraduate programs in the Faculty of Education, Monash University:

  • educational and developmental psychology,
  • counselling psychology,
  • counselling, and
  • inclusive education.

A male psychologist working with a boy

Our staff also provide professional experience and supervision to our students completing Master of Psychology courses (also known as Higher Degree Interns). Our supervisors are registered psychologists with endorsement in educational and developmental psychology, and are approved to supervise by the Board.

Our Higher Degree Interns

Higher Degree Interns (HDIs) are provisionally-registered psychologists who are on clinical placement at the Clinic as part of their Master of Psychology courses. HDIs are encouraged to experience a breadth of cases under the supervision of our experienced registered psychologists. Clinical placements take a competency-based approach and focus on skills development, professional socialisation, peer collaboration and research opportunities.

Our 5th year Master of Psychology students support the clinic reception, where they gain experience triaging clients, and learn about the operations of a psychology clinic. Here students develop their knowledge of the discipline, ethical and professional matters, communication and interpersonal relationships, and working with people from diverse groups – all of which are recognised as essential to their training as a psychologist.

Our 6th year Master of Psychology students are ready to undertake assessment and intervention sessions with our clients, under the supervision of an approved supervising psychologist. This professional experience allows students to further develop their skills in psychological assessment, intervention strategies, and practice across the lifespan.

HDIs also have access to a substantial psychological test library – a rich resource with a range of test kits relevant to a wide variety of client presentations – to support the development of the competencies required to become a psychologist.

A group photo: a male higher degree intern working with two children with a therapy dog beside them

A nexus between research and teaching

As a university-based service, all our practices benefit from the insights and the cutting-edge research of our academics. The Clinic’s bi-monthly case conferences provide our HDIs with opportunities to seek expert advice from faculty's academic staff.

In turn, to support our researchers in their work, the Clinic – with clients' consent – facilitates access to anonymous and de-identified data collected from the consultations and assessments.

It is this iterative relationship between research and teaching that provides an optimal teaching and learning environment for our Higher Degree Interns.