Krongold Clinic

Booking an appointment

Step 1: Call us on +61 3 9905 4393 to book

We are open weekdays 9am - 4pm.

Your phone call will be answered by a Higher Degree Intern, who will ask you for:

  • Client’s title, name, date of birth, and preferred pronouns
  • Caregiver(s) details (if applicable)
  • Services sought (see our services for reference)
  • Reason for referral
  • History of supports

Unless you are placing your child or dependent on the waitlist, all intakes must be completed with the individual being placed on the waitlist. Referrals cannot be received by neighbours, friends or family members for adult clients unless they have a court or guardianship order.

Payments are not required at this stage. See our fee schedule here.

Step 2: Waiting list

As a low-cost clinic, we tend to have a long wait times for clients to be allocated to a Higher Degree Intern.

However, if time is of importance, private clinicians may offer shorter wait times – they can be found at the Australian Psychological Society Find a Psychologist page. Clinicians working in the private system usually have significantly shorter waiting lists than the Krongold Clinic. There are, however, costs to see a private clinician, even after a Medicare rebate has been claimed. For up-to-date information regarding waiting times and consultation fees, please contact the clinicians directly.

If you choose to see a private clinician, you can still remain on our waiting list. If you are already seeing a mental health clinician (such as a psychologist, counsellor or psychiatrist), we suggest choosing to see a private mental health professional who specialises in the area of concern you are seeking services for.

Please be advised that clients who have undergone assessment or intervention by a private clinician and are then referred to our clinic for other services, will still be subject to the usual waiting time to see a Higher Degree Intern.

Step 3: Attend intake consultation

Once a Higher Degree Intern has been allocated to take your case, we will notify you of your first consultation session date and time.

The first payment instalment can now be paid – see our fees page.