Outreach programs

Krongold Clinic

Krongold Outreach Programs

The Krongold Clinic runs a range of outreach programs for schools and community organisations. They are either free, or offered at a low cost.

Here are some examples of programs we offer:

  • Cognitive ability screening programs for schools
  • Cattell-Horn-Carroll Computer Adaptive Test (KOP-CHC-CAT)
  • Career Assessment Service (KOP-CAS)
  • Sleep Assessment Service (KOP-SAS)
  • Time to Shine Social Emotional Learning Program in conjunction with OzChild
  • Mindfulness facilitation
  • Workshops on wellbeing

These innovative programs are based on the latest research, and many of them support research conducted at the Faculty of Education. These programs are delivered by our 5th year Master of Psychology students – our provisional psychologists in training, and are supervised by the faculty staff.

We also partner with the following organisations to provide these programs:

  • City of Monash
  • Okey Dokey
  • Peninsula Speech Plus
  • Mt Erin College
  • Beyond Blue
  • MIND Australia
  • Corrections Victoria
  • Ravenhall Correctional Centre

How to request an outreach program?

If you are interested in making use of the Krongold Outreach Program, please email us at .