Social Anxiety Disorder Program

Krongold Clinic

Social Anxiety Disorder Program

Beginning February 2022, the Krongold Clinic will be offering individual sessions for those experiencing social anxiety aged between 12 and 20.

We will be providing a series of 12 sessions of cognitive behavioural therapy combined with virtual reality. Cognitive behavioural therapy focuses on educating individuals about the processes that underpin anxiety, and becoming aware of the interactions of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. As part of our virtual reality sessions, clients will partake in VR exposure therapy or VR mindfulness whereby clients will practice skills for anxiety reduction in the context of socialisation. Virtual reality as adjunct to cognitive behavioural therapy has been shown to be effective for a range of anxiety and mental health disorders.

The Krongold Clinic is excited to partner with the Faculty of Education Teaching and Learning Space and Dr Paul McIntosh at the Faculty of Information Technology and eSolutions to provide these services to the community.

These services will be provided by provisional psychologists, under the supervision of Dr Jake Kraska, Educational and Developmental Psychologist.

Sessions are conducted at $52 per session.

Interested in this program?

Please contact the Krongold Clinic on to be placed on the waitlist.

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