New research network created

16 October 2018

A major research partnership between Monash University and four world leaders in education: Oxford University, Stanford University, McGill University and the University of Hong Kong has been formed.

Monash Dean of Education Professor John Loughran said the International Alliance will help set the global agenda for education and create rich professional opportunities for researchers.

“An alliance of institutions that have this standing creates the opportunity to bring together a critical mass, have something to say of meaning and actually demonstrate that education does have an incredible influence on the lives of people,” he said.

“It gives us the ability to share ideas, develop research opportunities and think about those hot topics that drive education across the globe.”

Bringing scholars together in Australia

These ideas were echoed by five visiting PhD students, who attended Monash Education’s Spring School as part of the first initiative of the International Alliance. The group attended a week-long series of events, presented their research and had an opportunity to connect with like-minded researchers from around the world.

Suki Jones Mozenter, from Stanford University said it gave her a chance to think about her research — which examines how learners make sense of being readers and writers — in fresh ways.  “You get so settled in your context, and assume in general this is the way we do school, and coming here I get a sense of, no, that’s not how we always do school.”

Nicole Dingwall from Oxford University, who is investigating the culture of English departments, said participating in Monash’s Spring School gave her more awareness of the research that was going on at a global level, “Other people might have research that I might not be aware of in my closeted little space in Oxford,” she said.

Jane Malenfant from McGill University in Canada – whose research looks at youth homelessness and education — said she was excited by the connections she’d made in Australia. “We can develop some really interesting relationships and collaborations, moving around different parts of the world.”

Plans for the future

The research exchange will continue in 2019, with senior and established researchers from each institution set to visit Monash. They will hold master classes and build research in areas of shared concern over their month-long stays.

“With quality partners like this, it is a future that we want to be part of,” Professor Loughran said.