Advanced Coaching Skills for Educational Leadership

This leadership coaching course is a hands-on program that builds educators’ understanding of the professional benefits of coaching and offers participants different approaches to coaching in education and leadership. Through coaching, you will develop and build on your current strategies to enhance trust, build collaborative conversation, and foster engagement.

Leaders with the skills to coach are more effective in motivating their teams, building collaboration, and dealing with the current environment of stress, overwhelm and juggling the competing demands of life in the 21st century.

To get the most out of this Advanced Coaching Program for Educational Leadership, participants will be asked to be ready and open to being coached and share their experiences with the wider group. They will have the opportunity to build on their current coaching skills and knowledge and expand the impact of coaching.

Topics covered

Upon successful completion of this program it is anticipated that participants will be able to:

  • Understand the difference between mentoring and different types of coaching
  • Explore different Coaching Models
  • Build self-awareness, identify strengths and opportunities.
  • Practice coaching peers, colleagues, and staff.
  • Build their toolkit of skills and strategies
  • Understand the role of values in coaching
  • Develop their conversation intelligence C-IQ
  • Identify the appropriate models and methods to become a successful leader and coach.
  • Use coaching as a tool for building emotional Intelligence (E.I).
  • Develop action plans including accountability and success measures.


About the Speaker: Melinda Spry

Melinda Spry

Melinda has over 35 years’ experience in education, business and organisational change. Her warm creative approach builds trust and the ability to engage people to stretch their capacity, potential and motivation. Melinda is passionate about coaching and unlocking human potential and is continually exploring current research and information regarding neuroscience and generative learning. She then integrates this new knowledge to build her own capacity to coach and create sustainable change. The heart of her work is about developing leadership capability, creating teams with energy, shared purpose and vision and supporting people to reach their potential.


4 x 3-hour sessions over a 2-month period. Additionally, participants will also undertake the following during the course:

  • Self-directed learning: 3 hours
  • Pre-work: 2 hours
  • Reading: 2 hours
  • Practice coaching and reflection session: 1 hour x 3 = 3 hours
  • Coaching Assessment tools: 2 hours

When and where

Please contact us via the enquire online button to express an interest in this program for 2023 or to discuss tailoring the program for group delivery at your venue.


Please contact us for further information on program fees.


This is an intensive leadership coaching program aimed at educators who already have been acquainted with the basics of coaching and are aiming to build their leadership capacities and career trajectories. It will provide educators with skills to get the best out of their team and insight into developing a coaching culture in their organisation.


  • There is no assessment associated with this program.
  • Your presenter will identify a variety of practical tasks during the course
  • Class participation / minimum class attendance is required.


This course references the following Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST): 6.1, 6.2, 6.3

You will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Faculty of Education, Monash University.