Curriculum and pedagogy

Members of the Curriculum and Pedagogy Academic Community are all passionate educators.

Unlike some subject-specific communities, we come together from a range of specialist fields. Our diversity is our strength in how we approach research. What binds us is our commitment to social justice, undertaking research that grapples with challenging issues facing all sectors of formal education, from early years through primary, secondary, post-secondary, and higher education. We are interested in how informal education supports the development of humans. We are interested in how we prepare teachers for a future Australia and we investigate a range of pedagogy, curriculum and assessment topics that impact on our fields of specialisation.

Capabilities and strengths

Our teaching interests reflect our specialist knowledge-base. We have specialist researchers in Health and Physical Education, Civics Education, Indigenous Education, Arts Education, Literacy, Food Studies, Outdoor Education, Inclusive Education, Gifted Education, Democracy Education, Education for Sustainable Development (EfSD), and Wisdom Studies. We commonly find synergies between our work that enable us to cross-fertilise our approaches with new ideas and draw on our combined strengths to inform and improve our ways of educating in inclusive and thoughtful ways.

Given our diversity of specialist knowledge in pedagogy and curriculum, we are also engaged in innovative and creative research-led, evidence-based approaches to teaching. Our service contributions to the profession and to the wider community reflect this broad span of expertise, with much of our work having direct and tangible benefits in and out of the classroom.