Early years

Our research issues include:

  • What is the difference between education and care, if any?
  • What kinds of policies relating to the provision of childcare are currently effective not only in Australia but also internationally?
  • Do children have rights, to care and education, and are those rights realised, or not?
  • What kinds of factors contribute to the upholding and/or denial of such rights?
  • If care is available, what social, developmental, educative, professional, and interdisciplinary issues need to be investigated in order to determine benchmarks for high quality care?
  • What kinds of impacts apply to universal benchmarks for quality where language, ethics, religion and/or cultural practice vary?
  • What is the nature of child development and what theoretical and practical issues are raised by the specific approach to development that researchers, parents or practitioners bring?
  • What is the nature of professional practice in early childhood care and education, and what are the range of cultural variables that affect the formation and understanding of professional practice in this discipline?

Capabilities and strengths

Our experience includes the study of:

  • family interaction
  • disability and inclusivity
  • children's rights
  • children's spirituality
  • national and international early childhood policy
  • gender
  • Reggio Emilia practices in early childhood
  • history and philosophy of childcare and early childhood practice
  • critical and sociological research in early childhood
  • language acquisition of parents and children in cross-cultural environments
  • impacts of migration on early childhood practice.