Maths, science and technology

Monash has a long history of research and scholarship in the areas of science and mathematics education, and learning with digital media. We draw together researchers interested in learning, professional development, curriculum, policy, instructional design and inequality. Our research focuses on questions  of why students should study science and mathematics, how learning takes place in these domains, and the role of technology in enabling and enhancing learning, These interests are reflected a wide range of teaching, research and engagement activities.


The Academic Community has regularly won research funding from the Australian Research Council, Victorian and Federal Departments of Education and Early Childhood Development, and Catholic Education Office, Melbourne.

We are involved in a number of cutting-edge research projects with external organisations. Academic community researchers are a key part of the NBN Virtual School of Emerging Technology - launched in 2013 in collaboration with John Monash Science School and Pearson Education. Community members are also involved in the recent Gates Foundation funded MOOC Research  Initiative.

Current projects in science education include Pedagogical Reasoning to understand expert science teachers' professional knowledge, the preparation of science teachers (inclusive of mathematics) and undergraduate student engagement in the sciences, the science teaching and learning project (for primary  and secondary teachers) and the preparation of science and mathematics teachers in the APEC region. Science education is also deeply involved with a number of partners such as the John Monash Science School, The NZ Ministry of Research, Science and Innovation in developing pedagogies for successful science  outreach programs.

Current projects in mathematics education include Peopling Education Policy (a study of the implementation of the Australian Curriculum) and Encouraging Persistence Maintaining Challenge (a classroom study of student engagement in mathematics).

Currently both the science and mathematics education researchers are involved in a number of joint projects which include a federal project focussing on the preparation of science and mathematics teachers and building the capacity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education personnel to develop  content and performance standards for their new Science and Mathematics curriculum.


We have expertise is a broad range of approaches to research in the domains of science education, mathematics education and digital technologies. We span a wide range of discipline areas and a wide range of expertise in research, professional development of program structures as it works collectively  and collaboratively with its partner organisations.


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