Teacher education, language, arts and professional learning

Research and scholarly interests of this group are characterised by concern with the development of the capacity of teachers at all stages of their career and school leaders to enrich the intellectual and social lives of learners.

The diverse contexts in which learning takes place - political, socioeconomic, emotional, technological, and regulatory – are examined through cultural, philosophical, linguistic, creative, and sociological lenses in order to understand how students can best engage in learning in stimulating, safe  and meaningful ways.

The culture of learning institutions - schools, universities and their communities - is studied particularly in terms of strategies which enhance professional growth, leading to improvement in student learning outcomes and well-being.

While the institutional learning of students of all ages is a primary focus, education as an empowering force for social good is studied in broader contexts, and across cultures.


We are involved in a range of professional development, research and scholarly projects. These projects are in the fields of:

  • Teacher education curriculum
  • Professional identity
  • Student learning
  • Classroom interaction
  • Learning Environments
  • Professional experience and mentoring
  • Teacher professional learning
  • Leadership
  • ICT in education
  • Pre-service teacher learning
  • Teacher educator career pathways
  • University-school-community partnerships


Our partnership projects include the following areas:

  • School Improvement and leadership
  • University-School-Community partnerships
  • Student Learning and Learning Environments
  • Teacher professional learning and reflective practice

Our research