Health, Sport and Physical Education research group

The Health, Sport and Physical Education research group (formerly Sport and Physical Activity) was formed in June 2012 by a group of researchers from the Faculty of Education, Monash University who have a collective interest in examining the role of sport, physical activity and education in contemporary  society. Within this, the group has two primary foci:

  1. how sport and physical activity participation contributes positively to society; and
  2. how sport and physical activity participation contributes to a rich and rewarding life experience.

Research themes

The groups' research interests can be categorised into 4 key themes:

  • Healthy, active lifestyles
  • Social inclusion and exclusion in sport and physical activity
  • People, places and leisure
  • Health, physical and outdoor education

Research methodologies

We are an interdisciplinary research group drawing on a broad range of both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Theoretically, our research sits within a broad socio-ecological framework that enables us to focus on the multiple layers of society (policy, environment, social and individual)  and how these intersect with sport, physical activity, leisure and education. Within this framework however, researchers draw on a variety of theories and epistemologies including phenomenology, critical cultural studies and figurational sociology, to explore specific topics. The group has a strong commitment  to undertaking research that engages with policy makers and practitioners and developing knowledge that they can use to inform, develop and improve future policy and practice.


As a group, we are currently engaged in a number of national and international collaborations with colleagues from universities in New Zealand, the UK and Africa. We are committed to developing interdisciplinary collaborations and we welcome contact from researchers focusing on core themes  listed above.

Research and consultancy

As a group, we also have an extensive range of experience conducting research and consultancy for a variety of government, sporting, health and educational agencies.

Please contact us for more information on what the group can offer you in this area.

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