Language, Literacy and Learning research group

The Language, Literacy and Learning Research Group (LLL) in the Faculty of Education conducts world-class research on the development of theoretical and practical applications to issues in language and literacy learning. This group brings together researchers whose international expertise spans across  early years, primary and secondary grades, and adulthood. Its programme of seminal research, high-quality teaching and global partnerships positions this academic centre as a leader in language, literacy and learning in Australia and beyond.


This group's research is founded on epistemologies of language, culture and practice, which appreciate the dynamic and social nature of knowledge in and about education. Methods of inquiry range from qualitative to quasi-experimental as we appreciate the benefits of both qualitative and quantitative  means of research around both print and digital literacies. We actively collaborate with corporate partners, university-based colleagues, school-based practitioners, HDR students, and pre-service teachers. Key theorists guiding our work include Lev Vygotsky, Mikhail Bakhtin, John Dewey, James Gee, and  Colin Lankshear.

Group members

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Dr Jennifer Rennie
Senior Lecturer
Ph: +61 3 990 44332