Learning with New Media research group

The Learning with New Media Research Group (LNMRG) has been established since the early 1990s (as the Centre for Educational Multimedia) – conducting world-class research on the relationships between education, technology and media. The group brings together researchers from across education, technology  and media disciplines within Monash, as well from other universities across Australia. Through its ongoing programme of research, teaching and consultancy the group continues to be one of the leading academic centres for educational technology and educational media in Australia and beyond.

LNMRG (as CEMM) was originally established to investigate new technologies and new ways to teach and learn. The group boldly plunged into Virtual Reality and simulation research in the early 90s and now pioneers new pedagogies in 21st century contexts such as Web 2.0 and Web 3D. Over the years the Group  has grown in membership with researchers covering fields such as sociology, early childhood, primary education, secondary education, pre-service teacher education, linguistics, literacy, numeracy, adult education, cognition and instructional design. Consequently our focus has expanded from issues of  how and why to engage with educational technology to critical perspectives of the relationships between education (seen broadly as including development, learning, policy and systems), technology, and media.

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