Teacher Education research group

The Teacher Education Research group in the Faculty of Education focuses on examining the key question of how to best prepare a teaching workforce to better serve diverse learner needs and build effective school-community partnerships. The group is keen to explore these three areas closely from a range of perspectives (local and global) and to actively inform policy direction and practice.

Some of the research questions we look into include:

  • What does an inclusive teacher education curriculum look like?
  • What does quality preparation in Teacher Education look like?
  • What is 'Best practice' in teacher education?
  • How do university-school partnerships contribute to the professional learning of pre-service teachers, mentor teachers and teacher educators?
  • How do academic and school-based teachers create a learning environment that supports pre-service and graduate teachers to be 'agents of change'?

The research group brings together a wealth of expertise from a broad range of areas including the preparation of teachers, professional learning of teachers, teacher education curriculum and pedagogy, partnerships and practice.

Group members