Professor Fazal Rizvi - Biography

Professor Fazal Rizvi

Professor Fazal Rizvi
Professor in Global Studies in Education,The University of Melbourne, Victoria
Emeritus Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Research Fellow, Australia India Institute, The University of Melbourne, Victoria
Honorary Professor (Honorary Position), Victoria University, Australia


Contributions to research

While Professor Fazal Rizvi's academic background is in Philosophy, it is in the areas of education, public policy and global studies that most of his research and teaching over the past decade is located. He has a strong international reputation in a number of academic areas, including racism and multicultural education, Australia-Asia relations, models of educational policy research, theories of globalisation and international education and contemporary youth cultures. Professor Rizvi has published more than 18 books and over 100 articles, many of which are cited widely and have been well reviewed in international journals. His latest books include: The OECD, Globalization and Education Policy, Educational Policy and the Politics of Change and Youth Moves: Identities and Globalisation in a Global Context which deals with issues of globalisation, culture and citizenship. He is currently working on a new book concerned with issues of student mobility and the internationalisation of higher education, for Routledge. Professor Rizvi has been an editor of a major book series for Allen and Unwin, Studies of Education and an editor of a leading international journal, Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Policy of Education.  His international standing is also evident by the fact that he has been invited to give a large number of keynote addresses around the world. He has been given the honour of delivering the Routledge Lecture at the British Educational Research Association conference in Warwick England, the keynote address at Association of International Education in Shanghai and the Radford address at the conference of the Australian Association of Research in Education.

Publications (2008 onwards)


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Edited Books

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Book chapters

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