Projects - ARC Linkage Grants

Attracting and sustaining engaged science and mathematics teachers

This project will examine what attracts or deters potential, future and practicing teachers of the sciences and mathematics, by focusing on current teachers, school and university students in Queensland. Promises of a technological revolution and rapid economic development will be hollow if students  do not study sciences and mathematics, and there are too few qualified teachers. This project will identify where to intervene in the science and mathematics teacher supply pipeline, and policy levers to attract and sustain quality teachers. The project is expected to uncover what attracts or deters  teachers of science and mathematics - disciplines essential to industry innovation, a skilled workforce and productivity growth.



ARC Linkage Project 2016-2018 – Administering Organisation – The University of Melbourne

$215,000 with industry partner:  Department of Education and Training

Participation versus performance: managing (dis)ability, gender and cultural diversity in junior sport

Playing sport can benefit young people but by its nature is competitive.  This project will examine how well, if at all, junior sports clubs manage a need to be successful alongside providing an inclusive environment welcoming people of all backgrounds and abilities.


  • Dr Ramon Spaaij
  • Assoc. Prof Karen Farquharson
  • Dr Ruth Jeanes
  • Dr Sean Gorman
  • Dr Dean Lusher
  • Ms Sue Clark
  • Ms Sue McGill
  • Ms Carmel Guerra


ARC Linkage Grant 2013-2016 - Administering Organisation - La Trobe University

$200,000 with industry partners:  Victorian Health Promotion Foundation, Australian Football League, Centre for Multicultural Youth

Peopling educational policy: realising the new Australian English and mathematics curricula

Monash University implementation of Australian curricula in English and mathematics provides an opportunity for school systems to re-examine practice. This project will identify resources ad teacher learning opportunities needed to facilitate implementation of these curricula and use findings to develop  interventions identified as likely to optimise implementation.



ARC Linkage Grant 2011 - 2013: $405,076, with industry partners:  Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority, Catholic Education Office Melbourne, NSW Department of Education and Training & the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

Numeracy@Home: Enhancing the capacity of parents to support the learning of their children

Numeracy@Home aims to enhance the actions that families can implement at home, in collaboration with educators, in order to enhance children's learning in and positive dispositions toward the development of numeracy. The project: articulates the key numeracy learning goals for families; identifies the  actions of families that successfully support the development of numeracy at home; identifies the characteristics of successful numeracy programs for families; and designs, implements and evaluates a program based on the findings of Phases 1 to 3. Together with industry partners, Numeracy@Home aims to  lead to better outcomes for families and their children, particularly those who are marginalised and experience disadvantage.



ARC Linkage Grant 2014 - 2017: $305,070, with industry partners:  Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Limited, Doveton College Early Learning Centre.