Get involved in Q Project

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Q Project

Get involved in Q Project

Build your skills in using research effectively to drive improvement and improve your practice.

We are seeking educators and schools interested in trialling two exciting Q Interventions to support improving the use of research evidence in practice – an online professional learning program and an online self-assessment tool.

The Q Project is a 5-year research project with the aim of improving the use of research evidence in Australian schools. The project team are currently seeking primary, secondary, and cross-phase schools and educators in the states of Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.

There are two Q Project Interventions that will be trialled in 2022 – an online professional learning program and an online self-assessment tool. Opportunity exists to participate in both or one.

Benefits include:

  • The opportunity to gain insight into individual research use capacities.
  • Targeting of research use improvement plans.
  • Access to helpful advice and support resources.
  • View case studies, tips and guides for improvement.
  • Learn how to integrate research to improve student outcomes.
  • Gain confidence in using research.
  • Improve research use to support school priorities and enhance practice.

Join an exciting project with the opportunity to influence significant change in Australian education and research evidence use.

Why Q?

"Evidence is really crucial to education because without collecting, synthesising and disseminating research evidence, we really can't be sure that we're delivering the best learning opportunities to our students”
Ollie Lovell - Head of Senior Maths at Sunshine College

“Adopting and applying an evidence-based approach to education policy and teaching practices is what drives a better allocation of resources and improved outcomes.”
Productivity Commission, National Education Evidence Base Report (2016)

“Used intelligently, evidence is the teacher’s friend.”
Sir Kevan Collins, Chief Executive, Education Endowment Foundation (2019) [from EEF Guide To Becoming An Evidence-Informed School Governor And Trustee]

“Australia has a strong commitment to evidence-based policy and practice, but there are some important gaps in our knowledge and much work to do on its successful implementation.”
AITSL Strategic Plan 2017-2020

"Resources are important. But the way they are used and how to get the biggest bang for your buck depends on having strong research processes."
Jonathan Coppel, Productivity Commissioner (2016)

“Internationally, enquiry-based (or ‘research-rich’) school and college environments are the hallmark of high performing education systems.”
BERA/RSA, Research and the Teaching Profession Final Report (2014)