Books published in 2006

book cover Becoming Subjects: A Study of Sexualities and Secondary Schooling
Author: Mary Lou Rasmussen
Publisher: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
book cover Developing a Pedagogy of Teacher Education: Understanding Teaching and Learning about Teaching
Author: John Loughran
Publisher: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
book cover Deleuze, education and becoming
Author: Inna Semetsky
Publisher: SensePublishers, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
book cover Haunting the Knowledge Economy
Authors: Jane Kenway, Elizabeth Bullen, Johannah Fahey, Simon Robb
Publisher: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group
book cover Learning to Teach: New Times, New Practices
Authors: Gloria Latham, Mindy Blaise, Shelley Dole, Julie Faulkner, Josephine Lang and Karen Malone
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
book cover Looking into Practice: Cases of Science Teaching and Learning
Editors: John Loughran and Amanda Berry
Publisher: Monash Print Services
book cover Making Knowledge Common: Literacy and Knowledge at Work
Author: Lesley Farrell
Publisher: Peter Lang Publishing Group, New York
book cover Masculinity Beyond the Metropolis
Authors: Jane Kenway, Anna Kraack and Anna Hickey-Moody
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
book cover Only Connect
Editors: Brenton Doecke, Mark Howie and Wayne Sawyer
Publisher: Wakefield Press
book cover Teaching for effective learning: The complete book of PEEL teaching procedures (2nd edition)
Author: Ian Mitchell
Publisher: PEEL Publishing, Melbourne
book cover Teaching the nation
Author: Anna Clark
Publisher: Melbourne University Publishing
book cover Transforming Learning with ICT: Making IT Happen
Authors: Glenn Finger, Glenn Russell, Romina Jamieson-Proctor, Neil Russell
Publisher: Pearson Education Australia
book cover Understanding and Developing Science Teachers' Pedagogical Content Knowledge
Authors: John Loughran, Amanda Berry & Pamela Mulhall
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover Work, Subjectivity and Learning: Understanding Learning through Working Life
Editors: Stephen Billett, Tara Fenwick, Margaret Somerville
Publisher: Springer
book cover World Yearbook Education 2006: Education Research and Policy
Editors: Jenny Ozga, Terri Seddon and Thomas S. Popkewitz
Publisher: Routledge Taylor & Francis Group