Books published in 2007

book coverDalcroze Eurhythmics from a Distance: A miscellany of current research
Editor: Jane Southcott
Publisher: Heather Gell Dalcroze Foundation
book cover Deleuzian Encounters: Studies in Contemporary Social Issues
Editors: Anna Hickey-Moody and Peta Malins
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
book cover Dimensions of professional learning. Professionalism, practice and identity
Editors: Amanda Berry, Alison Clemans, Alex Kostogriz
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover Enacting a Pedagogy of Teacher Education: Values, Relationships and Practices
Authors: Tom Russell, John Loughran
Publisher: Routledge
book cover La implicación del profesorado (Spanish translation of Engaging Teachers)
Editors: Trevor Gale, Kathleen Densmore
Publisher: Octaedro Editorial
book cover Learning in the Middle Years: More than a Transition
Authors: Jane Mitchell, Susan Groundwater-Smith, Nicole Mockler
Publisher: Cengage Learning
book cover Looking into Practice: Cases of Science Teaching and Learning (Volume 2)
Editors: John Loughran and Amanda Berry
Publisher: Monash Print Services
book cover Science for Children: Developing a personal approach to teaching Maths and Science
Author: Marilyn Fleer, Beverley Jane, Tim Hardy
Publisher: Pearson Education Australia
book cover Snapshots of Mentoring: Vignettes of Practice
Authors: Deborah Corrigan, John Loughran
Publisher: Monash University
book cover Stepping stones for the 21st century: Australasian Mathematics Education Research
Editors: Gilah C Leder and Helen J Forgasz
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover Teaching for effective learning: The complete book of PEEL teaching procedures (3rd edition)
Editor: Ian Mitchell
Publisher: PEEL Publishing, Melbourne
book cover Tensions in teaching about teaching: Understanding Practice as a Teacher Educator
Author: Amanda Berry
Publisher: Springer
book cover The re-emergence of values in science education
Editors: Debbie Corrigan, Justin Dillon, Richard Gunstone
Publisher: Sense Publishers
book cover Young children: Thinking about the scientific world
Editor: Marilyn Fleer
Publisher: Early Childhood Australia, Inc.